The Perlage System®
The Perlage System® is a revolutionary new product for preserving opened bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine. Using the Perlage System, opened bottles of Champagne will maintain their flavor and sparkle for weeks. With Perlage, you will never waste a drop of Champagne again.
The Perlini System
Everyone loves bubbles. The sparkle that Perlini adds to any cocktail transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, and the extraordinary into the sublime. With Perlini, you are limited only by your imagination. This system is designed by and made for bartenders.
The FIZZIQ Bottling System
The FIZZIQ Cocktail Bottling System allows you to produce highly carbonated beverages in small batches, and bottle them easily with no mess or loss of carbonation. FIZZIQ is interoperable with the Perlini Cocktail Carbonation System, allowing you to test your recipes before you produce them in quantity.